Fundraising for supporting Dhammakaya Temple Melbourne, Australia toward Temple land Fund

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Posted on 2028-09-20

Dhammakaya Society of Victoria Inc. is a charitable organisation has its aims to encourage the teaching, practice and realisation of Buddhist Principles, with a special emphasis on morality, meditation, wisdom and compassion and propagation of the teachings of Phra Mong Kol Thepmuni, the rediscoverer of Vijja Dhammakaya. The temple began in 2014, With the generous help and support of our dedicated lay community the monks have begun constructions to establish a peaceful place for the future Buddhist activities. Our plan is to establish suitable facilities for and to support the invited Sangha Buddhist Monks. and public facilities ,meditation hall, where members of the public are welcome to spend time enjoying the peace and tranquility of the atmosphere here. Our activities  including Food Offerings to monks, Introduction to Meditation course, dedication of merits, Buddha worshiping and Meditation Retreat. 

Temple land Fund goes towards mortgage repayments of the land and the addition of facilities and structural improvements of the temple.

Venerable PhraKru Bhavanayanvithed (PhraAjahn Ronrawee) is the current abbot.

The monastery depends solely upon the financial and material support of lay disciples. Your generous donations will guarantee the future survival and the continuation of  spreading the Buddha’s messages and sharing peace.    “Peace comes from within.  Do not seek it without.”


If you would like to help with financial assistance required, Donations can be made by secured credit card payment via Temple’s website, links below:

Or Electronic Fund Transfer to: 

National Australia Bank


Acc Name: Dhammakaya Society of Victoria Inc.

BSB: 083-614 ACC: 13-996-7187

For more information: 

Please contact: 380 Lancefield Road, Sunbury Victoria 3429 Australia, Email:

Mobile: 0430023595, Website:


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